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Feed Screws

The key to providing a quality finished product requires a feed screw that incorporates numerous components. Manufacturing materials and selected to best suit your process and environment. Commonly used and readily available are carbon, tool, stainless, nitralloy and crucible steel.

Screw design is available from engineering, sample, OEM, history and other sources. Screw overlay or flight hardening is applied through various processes including a fully intrigated PTA system. All hard facing is available and commonly used are stellite and colmonoy products including C56, C88, C83 and stellite 1, 6 and 12.

Screw finishes are polished and can include further processes such as chrome, nickle, carbide and specialty products. The screws can include a magnitude of necessary features such as mixing sections, multiple stages, variable pitches, coring for cooling, barrier flights, pins… Shanks include every drive system possible from splined, keyed, polygon…

From simple to complex, all of the aforementioned are compiled into a screw that is right for your product and application.

Rebuilding of an existing screw is a cost effective measure for products that are worn and can usually be done in a short period of time avoiding long shutdowns. Screws are evaluated on an individual bases and reported to you, the customer to provide a solution that is both economical and prompt.