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Design Service

This can be described as absolutely vital. As each one of us applies the brake in our car and knows the various consequences of failure, and the years of development and redevelopment, so too is the design of a screw.

With the numerous varieties of plastic, large assortment of machines and machine sizes, ever increasing amounts of regrind, repro, filler etc and your customers demands for larger, faster, smaller, lighter, a screw design can pay huge dividends. We are all fully aware of the problems that can occur when one part of a complex process fails.

Our design team has the experience and knowledge of years of screw design which include a PhD in screw extrusion, PhD in mechanical engineering, the patented Posi-Melt design, computer simulation and screw designer (formerly) for two large US extruder manufacturer for 30 years.

With this large assortment of available resources we will provide a solution for every application. We will require information about your specific application including finished product, plastic, filler, machine HP, AMPS, screw size, L/D. max rpm, current product and problems,finished product expectations, to start and we may require more specific information related to your individual project.